Net Neutrality

The FCC requires all Internet providers to disclose information about our internet services. The information below is to help users make an informed decision when they're searching for Internet providers. ICON is dedicated to keeping our Internet services open and equal for all of our users.

ICON does not block any lawful content, services, or applications. We don't block or discriminate against any kind of non-harmful or lawful network traffic. ICON does not throttle access to lawful Internet traffic except to the speed defined by your Internet service package. We don't offer affiliate prioritization or offer paid prioritization in any way to favor certain traffic. Congestion management (if required) is applied equally to all connections and would generally only be required if the destination site does not have capacity to serve all requests. ICON doesn't block or rate-control specific applications on our network or have any restrictions on lawful and non-harmful devices that can connect to our network. ICON deploys industry standard security practices such as network monitoring, routing rules and blocks, and firewalls.

ICON offers a wireless Internet service which includes radio base stations on towers and/or buildings and a client access radio mounted to the customer's home or building. We offer a variety of speeds with low latency that is perfect for any type of real-time applications (VOIP, video streaming, gaming, etc).

For more information including price, terms, and other policies you can read our service agreement here.

Any further questions or complaints can be answered by calling our office at 1-570-876-6908.